Basic Cat Care

Taking care of a cat is not a hard task, but there are many things you have to do that you may not think of when you first think about cat care. These tasks won’t take up too much of your time, but they are chores that must be done if you want to be a good cat owner.

Feeding your cat will likely be easy. You will more than likely be purchasing a premade cat food that simply needs to be scooped into a clean bowl daily or twice daily depending on your feeding schedule. For a special treat you may consider a moist food a couple of times a week for your cat. Other than the food all you have to do is make sure your cat has clean water readily available.

Another chore is keeping your cat’s litter box clean and fresh. You will have to change the litter frequently and keep it scooped out in between changes. From time to time you may want to completely empty it and then wash the litter pan out.

Brushing your cat may be a difficult job, or it may be easy. This all depends on the length of hair that your cat has. Cats do not often need a bath, but they may if they get into something messy or start to smell bad. You may also have to bathe them if they wind up with a flea problem.

As you can see, it’s not a difficult job to take care of your cat, but it will take some time and care. Following these easy steps will help your cat to be healthy and happy and live a long and wonderful life with you and your family.

Dye Allergies in Cats

One problem that is very common among cats is sensitivity to food dyes and food coloring. This is a major problem for cats because so many of the cat foods have dye in them. For some cats it can cause occasional minor stomach upset, and in others it can be a major problem.

No matter how serious the case is, you will likely want to get your sensitive cat on a diet that won’t upset her stomach. Even in the minor cases it is likely not comfortable for the cat to feel an upset stomach on a regular basis.

One of the options for helping your cat with this is to change her over to an all natural dye free food. These are often sold at vet’s offices or at pet supply stores. These are very similar to other foods that you would buy for your cat, but they don’t have the artificial colors and other additives in them. This is a great choice because it is easy for you as an owner. This may cost a bit more than buying regular grocery store cat food, but the overall savings in time and headaches is well worth it for you and your feline friend.

Another option is to start making your cat’s food at home. You can look online to find many great recipes for foods that you can cook for your cat. Some of these may take some time and effort to prepare, but you can create a diet for your cat that will be unmatched by any prepackaged food you can buy at the store.

Whatever you choose to do, make sure you do something and quickly. You don’t want your cat to suffer from the pain and discomfort of an upset stomach, and you want to save yourself from having to clean up additional messes that can be caused by the cat vomiting or having loose stools from her stomach issues.

The Joy of Cats

Many people don’t consider themselves to be “cat people.”  If you have never had a cat as a pet, you may not understand the enjoyment and life they can bring into your home. Cats are often thought of as being anti-social pets. This may be the case sometimes, but in others it couldn’t be further from the truth.

Many of the friendliest cats are mixed breeds. I have certainly met more friendly tabby cats than I have Persians or Himalayans. If you are considering bringing a cat into your home you want one that will mesh well with your lifestyle. If you have a family with children you want to be especially careful in choosing a cat that won’t hurt your children, but also one that will enrich your lives as well.

If you want more control over the type of pet you will end up with, you may consider adopting an adult cat. Many rescue organizations and no-kill shelters take time to get to know the cats they have, this helps prospective owners choose a cat that will work well with their family.

Kittens can be a lot of fun, but it is hard to know what that cute little kitten is going to be like when he or she becomes an adult. There are a few things you can do to help determine what an adult cat will be like. First, choose a kitten that is active, curious and playful. The shy little kitten may be sweet, but will be more likely to be a withdrawn, loner of an adult cat. When you get your kitten home, spend lots of time with it, and introduce it to many new people. If you cat gets used to new people as a kitten, she won’t be so scared of them when she grows up. Finally, play with your cat anytime you have the opportunity. Encouraging play will encourage the cat to be more social and seek out love and affection from others as well.

Keep Your Cat Safe

Your cat depends on you to keep him or her safe. The world we live in is dangerous enough for humans who know the traffic rules, and are aware of health risks. It must be much worse for animals that have only their instincts for protection. One of the reasons we have feral cats as well as unwanted animals, is that some pet owners do not take their responsibility to their cats seriously.

Allowing Cats to Roam Freely is Irresponsible

A twenty-something young lady who thought her male cat’s nighttime wandering was “cute”, was devastated when she found his body in the gutter where he had been run over by a car. It would have been much wiser to take him to a vet to get neutered, then to keep him inside. If you get a kitten from a friend, it is your responsibility to have it neutered or spayed, or you’ll be trying to give away kittens yourself, much sooner than you might expect.

Medical Care is Your Duty

If you adopt a pet, you are ensuring that it has its required vaccinations and is neutered or spayed. Thinking you can save the cost of these procedures by getting a kitten from a friend is inappropriate. However you get a cat, accept the responsibility for whatever costs may be involved, first of all for shots and birth control, and then for any veterinary care that may be required later. As far as unwanted, abused pets are concerned, you can be a part of the solution, not an unwitting contributor to the problem.

Play with Your Cat

Cats have distinct personalities, and you can help your cat develop by positively interacting, and playing with it. A cat that bonds to you will be easier to care for and will give you much more joy than one that ignores you because you did not take the time to become well acquainted to begin with.