Stop Barking..!!

Owning a dog has a lot of positive effects, but everything in this world comes with its own share of negative things as well. Similarly there are few negative things about having a dog as a pet. And one among them is the excessive barking of a dog especially at the middle of the night, which may be a major cause of disturbance and annoyance not only to the owners but also to the neighbors which in turn can create disturbances in the social interaction between the owner and the neighbors.  Few dogs develop a habit of barking unnecessarily throughout the night thereby creating nuisance, in order to solve the problem one should break that habit, which can be done by taking assistance of the bark collars. A bark collar is a device which gets activated when a dog barks and causes irritation to the dog which upon realizing the cause of irritation will stop unnecessary barking.

There are many different types of bark collars available in the market which uses different mechanisms to train the dog and prevent it from barking unnecessarily. Among them are the ultrasound bark collars which get activated when the dog barks and emits ultrasonic sound waves which are audible to dogs and irritates the dog for few seconds. There are other collars which when gets activated gives a small jolt of electric shock to the dog. The dogs are sensitive to Citronella, they find its smell very irritating, this is made use of in few bark collars where Citronella solution is stored in the collar and when activated a tiny amount will be sprayed near the nose and causes irritation to the dog and gradually fades away.

Walking With The Dogs

Dogs are the most faithful animals and they are social animals as well. There are a lot of people who have dogs as pets and there is also one common practice which most of them follow, which is taking the dog out for a walk. Even though it is mostly out of the habit, it has a great benefit for the dogs as well. There are a lot of reasons why we should take our dogs out for work. . The dogs are used to roaming around as they are born to be nomadic before they were tamed and used as pets. Taking a dog out for walk is like meeting one of its daily needs just like eating. The daily walk instills the sense of territory in them and they will be familiarized to the surroundings and which will help them to roam around easily and also get back home on their own by chance they get lost. Walking alongside ones dogs also helps create a bond between the dog and the owner and also it helps the owner gain and maintains the authoritative status as the leader. It is advisable to talk with the dog while taking it for a walk and also stick to punishment free obedience training.

By taking the dog out for walks in the locality, it gets a chance to socialize with the other dogs in the locality and it helps the dog develop socializing skills and also helps it overcome its aggressiveness and timidity. And more important is the exercise the dog gets while walking. The pets seldom get a chance for physical activity when at home and the physical activity in necessary to maintain good health.

Why Golden Retrievers?

Dogs are regarded as the man’s faithful friend and among the many breeds of dogs, Golden Retriever is one. Golden Retriever is a very sought after breed of dogs and they are popular and preferred for their high intelligence among the dogs and also for their gentle temperament. The Golden Retrievers are considered to be very loyal and they love to please their owners. The Golden Retriever is an excellent choice for someone who is looking for a dog which is easy to raise and maintain. These Golden retrievers don’t show behavioral problems and they are a low maintenance breed.

These Golden Retrievers have got their name because of their coats which are generally in different shades of cream and gold. The Golden Retrievers have a thick coat and they shed all around the year, which is one of the problems faced by its owners and this problem can be overcome by brushing the dog everyday for few minutes thereby preventing the hairs from falling all over the household.

These dogs have dark, round attractive eyes, broad head and a straight muzzle. The male Golden Retrievers reach up to the weight of 70lbs whereas the females weigh around 60lbs and these dogs can grow up to heights of 21 to 24 inches. The golden retrievers grow very fast and they can attain half of their weight within months.

These dogs are comfortable growing in both small and large living spaces but care should be taken that these dogs get enough exercise as they can easily gain weight and grow fat. The Golden retrievers are very social and it is advisable to pay attention to it for at least a hour or two per day

What to Avoid When Training a Dog

When a dog comes to live with you, it might have the best intentions of fitting in well, but the reality is that it’s an animal. It doesn’t play by the same rules as a human, and it needs to learn that your poker tables are not branches to gnaw on and your toilet paper wasn’t designed to use as a toy to string through the house. Fortunately for house owners, most dogs thrive on social structure. Once they learn the rules, they are happy to be part of the family and follow the family’s rules. Dogs are relatively easy to train once you put your mind to it. They can learn to sit and stay among other tricks. They just need regular attention and practice. There are also some actions you want to avoid when training a dog.

Barking can be a real issue with dogs. You want them to protect your house and family, but sometimes it gets to be too much. For example, your dog might bark when someone knocks at the door, but they refuse to stop barking even after you tell them to be quiet since the person is a friend. Avoid yelling at a dog when it barks. In the dog’s excited state, it could perceive that you are playing the barking game, too. This will just excite the dog more. Instead, train the dog to stop barking by praising the dog once it quiets, or shake coins in a metal can to distract the dog when it’s barking, then praise it immediately when it quiets.

If your dog is chewing something it shouldn’t, then slip it a doggy chew toy and praise the dog when it chews that rather than the original item. It won’t understand if you yell or hit, so avoid those actions. You want to reward the dog and teach it by using positive reinforcement rather than negative reinforcement.

Going on Vacation? Why Not Take Your Dog?

For people who like dogs and also like to travel, there are plenty of options. It used to be much more difficult to travel with a dog, but it’s gotten easier in recent years, as more and more places have become dog friendly. These hotels and other establishments are seeing the benefits of being helpful to people who want to bring their dogs along on their trips. It actually brings more business into the hotel or other place of business, and it doesn’t really cause a lot of hardship or even any more money than not allowing dogs. Some businesses can even make more money, because they will be chosen over a place that isn’t dog friendly.

It’s not just places to stay with your dog, though. You’ll want things to do during the day, and you’ll want to be sure that you can get hold of a veterinarian if you need one. In addition, if your dog needs a special kind of food or medication, you’ll need to bring it with you but also make sure you can find it where you’re going to be, just in case you need it. There are so many options for animal friendly places and things to do anymore, and you can use Canada 411 to help you find them. Then, you and your dog can have all kinds of adventures.

There are trails to hike and streams to fish, and you’ll want to be sure to pack snacks for you and your dog, as well as plenty of water. Because animals are small, they can dehydrate very quickly. If you don’t bring enough water, you could put your dog (and yourself) in danger if you get lost or if you just take longer than expected to get back from your adventures. Being prepared is a great way to have fun with your pet.

What to Know Before You Adopt a Dog

If you are ready to bring a pet into your home, chances are you’ve thought about getting a dog. Great choice! Dogs make wonderful companions and are great fun to have around. One place to consider getting a dog is through pet adoption. You can help save the life of a dog that may not have a chance otherwise. But before you jump into dog adoption, keep these tips in mind.

1.       Have you done your homework? You need to know which kind of dog you want before you go to any pet adoption agency. Decide if you want small and furry or big and playful. The kind of dog you want for your family is important to know beforehand.

2.        What about your working hours? If both parents work and the children are in school, then you may want to reconsider getting a dog. Dogs need lots of care and attention, especially in the beginning stages. You’ll need to be around for housetraining and getting the dog used to be in your home.

3.       Do you have young children? Let’s face it, getting a dog is like adding another child to your home. If you already have a couple of younger children, under the age of 12, you may want to wait a couple of years to get a dog. When the kids are better able to help care for the dog, it might be a little easier on your family.

4.       Do you have enough money? Make sure you plan for the new dog in your budget. You’re going to have to get the right food, visit the vet, get vaccinations, and get medical supplies when your dog is sick. All of these things can add up.

If you’ve thought about all that getting a dog involves, then it may be time to head to the pet adoption agency.

Choosing the Best Dog Toys

Stuffed Polar Bear

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Choosing a good dog toy for your pet dog might seem like an easy task, but it isn’t always. You need to consider toys that will keep your dog entertained – even when you aren’t  home – and keep him safe. There are a lot of toys out there on the market so it can be hard to know what one to choose. Below, take a look at some of the toys we recommend.

1.       Kongs. Kongs are one of the best dog toys on the market. They are durable and dogs really enjoy playing with them. They come in many different sizes for all types of dogs. Kongs are rubbery toys with holes in the ends. You can stuff the toy with any goodies you may want. This keeps your dog occupied for hours! You can put goodies like biscuits or kibble inside these toys.

2.       Puzzle balls.  Puzzle balls help stimulate your dog’s mental capabilities. Like the Kong, you can fill the puzzle balls with treats. The ball keeps moving and the pieces of the puzzle eventually fall out of the ball and give your dog something else to play with. Don’t worry, the pieces that come out are completely safe for your dog.

3.       Stuffed toys. If you have a dog that likes to tear things apart, then this isn’t the toy for him. However, if you have a dog that doesn’t like to tear things apart, then stuffed toys are great. A well-constructed stuffed toy will last for years. Look for a toy with fewer seems – these tend to be higher quality.

Dogs, like humans, like toys. Go ahead and invest in some great toys for your dog. Your dog will be happy and you’ll be happy when you see how much fun your dog is having. As always, toys should never replace human interaction – they just help your dog to stay entertained.

Find Your Pet Fast!

When your pet goes missing, you can often get him or her back by using one of the oldest advertising methods in existence: flyers. You might think lost cat and dog signs are a bit cliché, but they offer a great way to get the word out about your missing pet. They can also help you communicate important information about your dog or cat. This will help people in the neighborhood know when they have spotted your missing pet and that will allow them to return the animal to your loving home.

Making an Effective Flyer

You will have an easier time finding your pet when you make attention-grabbing flyers that offer the right type of information. When choosing a color for your flyer, pick one that really stands out. Bright colors such as orange and yellow will attract the attention of more people. As more people get informed, you have a better chance of finding your pet.

You will also need to include specific information about your pet. Include your pet’s name, its breed and the date that it went missing. Having this information will help people know what to look for.

If you plan to offer a reward, then you should post this information on your missing pet poster. This will entice people to keep an eye out for your pet by promising to reward them for their time and kindness.

Getting Results From Your Flyer

Losing a pet can be a dramatic situation that involves the whole family. Luckily, flyers offer a good way to let your community know that you have lost your pet. Many pets are returned to their families through this simple, inexpensive method of communication. Before you give up on your family’s best friend, be sure to make a flyer that will help your dog or cat find its way home with a little human assistance.

Why Every Family Needs a Pet

A family pet is an important part of growing up. Some may even consider getting a pet a right to adulthood. There are definitely good things that come out of having a pet in your home while your children are growing up.

Pets are wonderful companions. When your child is feeling lonely or needs a friend, the family pet can fill the void. Pets need to be loved and played with, so your child will feel like there’s someone who needs them regularly. This can be especially helpful with younger children.

Pets also teach responsibility. Animals need to be taken care of. They need to be fed, given water, walked, and played with. You can a unique opportunity to teach your children responsibility when you have a family pet. Make it your child’s job to make sure the job is walked every day or that the fish is fed. You don’t have to do the work all alone! Enlist your children to teach them responsibility.

Pets can also encourage physical activity. If you have a dog as a family pet, then that dog is going to want to jump, run, and play. This is a great way to get your kids involved in physical activity and away from the video games. You can encourage your children to take the dog in the back yard and run around for a few minutes.

Pets can also help heal. If you have a child who is sick or an elderly parent living with you, watch to see how your family pet helps with the healing process. Animals have a unique way of bonding with humans. That bond has been proven to help heal.

If you are thinking about getting a family pet, consider the benefits mentioned here. Get a pet and help your children grow up with the fun of having an animal in the house.

How to House Train a Dog

You’ve made the decision to bring a dog into your home. Great choice! Dogs make wonderful companions, teach responsibility, and can be a lot of fun. What’s not fun about a dog is the actual house training part. You’re going to need to be very patient and consistent in order to get your dog trained to be in the house. Keep these tips in mind as you are house training your new dog.

1.       Watch your dog’s behavior. When you let your dog out to relieve himself, watch his particular behaviors. This will help you recognize the signs when your dog needs to be let out. Doing this one thing can significantly help reduce indoor accidents.

2.       When it’s time for your dog to go, take him directly to the place you have designated as the spot for relieving himself. Stay there until your dog has finished his business. This lets your dog know that this one spot is the only acceptable place to relieve himself.

3.       Be consistent. It’s the same as when you are potty training a child. Be persistent and keep at it. You don’t win the battle if you give up half way through.

4.       Be patient. Along with being consistent, you’re going to have to be patient. Make sure you have realistic expectations and give yourself and your dog a break when things don’t go exactly as planned.

5.       Implement rewards. One of the best tools for getting your dog house broken is to give him rewards, like a treat, for good behavior. When your dog relieves himself in the designated spot, give him a treat. When he lets you know it’s time to go outside, give him a treat. This will encourage the right behavior.

House training a dog is never easy, but it’s not impossible. Just keep at it!