4 Exotic Pets That are Perfect for Apartments

Green iguanas (Iguana iguana), are popular exo... 

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Pet lovers renting apartments have to be careful to make sure, not only that the apartment they rent allows pets, but that their lifestyle is conducive to pet ownership. Some people simply don’t have enough time to care for a dog or cat. However, if you are a pet lover in this situation fear not, there are alternatives to these traditional pets.

Owning a more exotic pet, one that requires less day to day care could be the solution. There also are apartments for rent that allow exotic pets, but may not be as welcoming to domestic pets, such as cats and dogs. Let’s explore some of the choices.

COCKATIELS: This exotic and colorful bird requires little care, can stay in the cage while you are at work, and yet it can learn to talk. Following a healthy diet, having play time and interaction with people, a cockatiel can live more than 20 years.

IGUANAS: Iguanas require an aquarium with light and warmth. They like to climb on small branches, and eat iguana food, with a smattering of fresh fruits and vegetables.

SCORPIONS: A scorpion may be just the right choice. It requires little care, an aquarium, and it eats bugs. There are courses available to learn exotic pet care.

FERRETS: Playful and fun to watch, a ferret will sleep most of the day and is most active in the early evening, perhaps the perfect pet for an apartment owner with a full time job.

With so many types of exotic pets to choose from, having an apartment does not mean giving up one’s love for animals.

Dealing with the Death of a Pet

Having to put a beloved pet to sleep can be one of the most heartbreaking things you and your family will ever experience. There is nothing that can be said or done that will completely erase the heartache that is bound to be felt in this moment. You want nothing more than to end your pet’s suffering and pain, but you hate to lose your friend and companion. There are a few things you can do to make things better for you and your family during this time of heartache however.

First, don’t try to hide from the pain. Many people rush out and try to get a new animal to fill the hole that their pet left behind. This will not work. You may learn to love another animal again, but you will never fill that empty gap that your old pet did. Spend some time mourning the loss of your dead pet before you consider bringing another one into the home.

When the procedure takes place, do not feel pressured to be there for it, or to be away from your pet during it. Some people want to be there for the last moments of their pet’s life, but others will be happier remembering their pet as the happy carefree animal they were, not the dying creature that sits before them now. Do what feels right in your own heart.

There are no words that can ease your pain, but talking about the procedure, and more importantly, talking about the great life your pet lived with your family and friends can help. If you have the chance to sit around and talk about the funny things your pet used to do, or the great memories you had with your pet, you and your family can begin the mourning process and will be able to think back on the life of your pet with happiness.

Find Your Pet Fast!

When your pet goes missing, you can often get him or her back by using one of the oldest advertising methods in existence: flyers. You might think lost cat and dog signs are a bit cliché, but they offer a great way to get the word out about your missing pet. They can also help you communicate important information about your dog or cat. This will help people in the neighborhood know when they have spotted your missing pet and that will allow them to return the animal to your loving home.

Making an Effective Flyer

You will have an easier time finding your pet when you make attention-grabbing flyers that offer the right type of information. When choosing a color for your flyer, pick one that really stands out. Bright colors such as orange and yellow will attract the attention of more people. As more people get informed, you have a better chance of finding your pet.

You will also need to include specific information about your pet. Include your pet’s name, its breed and the date that it went missing. Having this information will help people know what to look for.

If you plan to offer a reward, then you should post this information on your missing pet poster. This will entice people to keep an eye out for your pet by promising to reward them for their time and kindness.

Getting Results From Your Flyer

Losing a pet can be a dramatic situation that involves the whole family. Luckily, flyers offer a good way to let your community know that you have lost your pet. Many pets are returned to their families through this simple, inexpensive method of communication. Before you give up on your family’s best friend, be sure to make a flyer that will help your dog or cat find its way home with a little human assistance.