How to Care For Your Pet’s Teeth

Did you know that kittens receive their baby teeth at six month of age? Cats end up with a set of 30 permanent teeth. Dogs have 42 teeth that grow in after losing their initial set. Caring for these teeth is an integral part of keeping pets healthy.


Every good cleaning begins with a good toothpaste. Human toothpaste can be harmful to your pet. Pet toothpaste is formulated with enzymes to help further remove food and plaque. Flavors like malt, vanilla-mint, and beef bring fun to brushing time. Your vet can help choose the right one.


When choosing a toothbrush for your pet, consider the size of their teeth. Brushes come in double-ended, glove-styled, and varied angles to suit your pet’s needs. A few things to consider are comfort of style, ease of use, as well as the personality of your pet. A calm, careful approach, along with praise and reassurance goes a long way. Soon, brushing Fido or Fifi’s teeth will be as easy as looking up a pet store on Canada 411.


A wet washcloth is useful to wipe down teeth before brushing. Having a washcloth handy also helps wipe any excess toothpaste or saliva.

Finger Cot

A finger cot can also prove useful when a toothbrush just doesn’t seem to work. If your pet’s toothbrush doesn’t seem to be the ideal instrument for teeth cleaning, a plastic finger cot tipped with a brush surface might do the trick. By taking your pet in to the vet for the first dental cleaning, you will be able to see first hand the best approach to pet dental care at home.