The Best Pets for Apartments

If your apartment complex is one that does allow pets, this still does not mean you should indiscriminately choose any pet. The apartment complex may still have some restrictions or your pet will simply need to literally fit the dimensions of your apartment.

No matter how roomy your apartment may seem to you and others who live there, a large dog will take up a lot of that room. In addition, most large dogs need a place where they can run, jump, and be more physically active than a few daily walks allow them to be. Medium-size dogs, such as those in the terrier range, or small dogs, such as toy poodles are better suited for apartment living.

Cats always make good apartment pets. They are usually quiet, and even the more vocal ones such as Siamese aren’t really that loud, and, of course, don’t require walking. And, even larger cats such as Burmese or other breeds don’t take up as much room as medium-size or large dog.

Birds can often be a good choice as apartment pets, if they are not unusually vocal. A screeching macaw, parrot, cockatoo, or other bird may have the propensity to disturb others; songbirds such as parakeets, canaries, love birds and similar species may be the more logical choice. It’s important to ask the management HOA personnel upfront about their policy regarding pets.

No matter which pet you choose, management HOA personnel may require a substantial damage deposit as well as payment for repairs caused by pets clawing, chewing on, or otherwise damaging walls, window treatments, door sills, baseboards and other things in the apartment. This will be something you will need to consider.


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