Exotic pets that are perfect for apartments

Exotic pets that are perfect for apartments

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Four hermit crabs in an aquarium
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A pet can make a house a home. It’s human nature to care and nurture and its proven thats it’s also good for the soul to keep pets, particularly if you live alone. But what if you live in an apartment? A dog can be difficult unless you have the time and physical fitness to excercise one properly and what if cat hair makes you sneeze or you want a pet to suit your quirky personality?

Choosing an exotic pet may not be an impossibility and in some cases they are clean and easy to look after. Here are a few suggestions.

Hermit Crabs. These little fellas have their own characters and you can have great fun painting shells of different sizes in non-toxic paints to give them fancy, colourful new homes!
Frogs are gaining popularity as a great kids pet. These amphibians may not give you cuddles but will give you many years of joyful entertainment. Easy to care for and most pet stores will advise you on the tank they need and of course access to water. They do eat insects tho so be prepared to handle the odd mealworm!
Tarantulas. These are only for the serious exotic pet enthusiast. They take a lot of commitment and care to keep them in good health. But for commited spider owners their are years of fascination, interaction with a truly exotic pet which some say display signs of love!
So from the tamest to the almost terryfing there is an exotic pet that you can choose to live happily in your apartment for many years to come!


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Exotic pets that are perfect for apartments
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