Homemade pet foods

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There are a lot of different brands of pet foods available in the market. With so many options popping up on the supermarket shelves with a wide range of prices and not to mention the claims made by the manufacturers one cannot be so sure about what they are feeding their pets with and how safe or nutritious are these foods really. Adding on to the confusion is the frequent recalls of the products by the manufacturers. There is only one way to overcome this and that is by preparing our own pet food which is safer for the pets and also comforting to the owners as they will know what goes into their pets. One can feed some of the nutritious food which they eat to the pets as well as they will be safe, wholesome and nutritious for the pets and also cost effective as well. The main ingredients of the pet food are meat, vegetables and starch. One can prepare large batches of the home made pet food and store in the freezer and use it as and when required. Meat is one of the main ingredient and it supplies adequate proteins required by the pet. The ideal pet food can be prepared by adding 40% of meat and 30% each of vegetables and starch. While switching the diet of the pets from commercial foods to homemade foods, it is preferable for the owners to do it under the guidance of the vet until the complete transition is done and the pet gets used to the homemade foods.

Feeding the pets with healthy homemade foods will reduce their exposure to various unhealthy preservatives, chemicals and additives which may affect their health. The homemade pet foods helps the pets have a healthy and a long life and reduces the frequency of visits to the vet as well.

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Introducing Your Cat to His Cats
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When people meet through online dating, they sometimes fall in love and marry or move in together. Children learn to live with new people in their parents’ lives, but it isn’t always a smooth transition. The same goes for pets. Moving your pets in with his pets, or visa versa can be a stressful time.

When introducing strange pets, one must introduce them slowly. Cats surely will not like each other at first and they’ll show it by hissing and growling. No matter how nice or mild-mannered a cat might be with its owner, putting it with a strange cat is like adding oil to water; they won’t readily mix, especially if both animals are adults.

Bring the strange cat in and, while not putting them near each other, put the animal down in the room. Make sure they see each other and watch them closely. Do not leave the room. At first, they may just sniff or look at each other, but it won’t be uncommon for one of them to lay its ears back and begin growling.

Keep the door to a ‘safe’ room open so the strange cat can run somewhere to hide. It will venture out, slowly at first, and check out everything in the home, keeping an eye on the other cat.

If either of the cats begin growling or show a desire to fight, remove the one that’s aggressive, and be consistent to do this every time it happens. Cats are smart. It will eventually learn to avoid the behavior that gets it tossed out, since it likely wants to be around you.

The cats may never like each other, but they will learn to get along in the house, eventually. One cat will learn the other is the alpha cat and act accordingly. Give it time – they’ll be okay. Just don’t try to rush the process.

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Basic Cat Care
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Taking care of a cat is not a hard task, but there are many things you have to do that you may not think of when you first think about cat care. These tasks won’t take up too much of your time, but they are chores that must be done if you want to be a good cat owner.

Feeding your cat will likely be easy. You will more than likely be purchasing a premade cat food that simply needs to be scooped into a clean bowl daily or twice daily depending on your feeding schedule. For a special treat you may consider a moist food a couple of times a week for your cat. Other than the food all you have to do is make sure your cat has clean water readily available.

Another chore is keeping your cat’s litter box clean and fresh. You will have to change the litter frequently and keep it scooped out in between changes. From time to time you may want to completely empty it and then wash the litter pan out.

Brushing your cat may be a difficult job, or it may be easy. This all depends on the length of hair that your cat has. Cats do not often need a bath, but they may if they get into something messy or start to smell bad. You may also have to bathe them if they wind up with a flea problem.

As you can see, it’s not a difficult job to take care of your cat, but it will take some time and care. Following these easy steps will help your cat to be healthy and happy and live a long and wonderful life with you and your family.

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Proper Care for Your Family Pet
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When you have a pet, you know you need to take care of it. Sometimes, this responsibility can seem very overwhelming. But it doesn’t have to be. With just a little bit of guidance, caring for your family pet can be easy and even fun! Take a look at the suggestions below to find out how you can properly care for your family pet.

  1. Establish a relationship with a vet. Just like you would get a doctor for your children, you need a good vet for your pet. Establish a relationship with a veterinarian you trust and that your pet likes. Get the proper check ups and vaccinations on a regular basis. Ask your vet to give you a list of regular maintenance for your pet.
  2. Get proper nutrition. Make sure your pet is eating healthy food. Read the labels on the pet food you buy and make sure it is free of preservatives or harmful chemicals. Your pet will live longer and healthier with good food.
  3. Get the right amount of exercise. Along with good food, your pet also needs to exercise. For example, if you have a dog, make sure you take him out on a walk at least once a day. Or, you could even play fetch in the back yard.
  4. Love your pet. Pets, like humans, need love – and lots of it. Be sure to cuddle with your pet and let him know how much you love and need him.

Being a pet owner is a great thing. It’s fun and exciting! It’s also nice to have the companionship that a pet brings to your home. Make sure you have your pet with you for years to come by taking good care of him now. Get the proper care and give him the right nutrition and your pet will live a long and healthy life.

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Best Birds for Pets
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Birds are a wonderful choice for a family pet. If you don’t mind a little bit of noise, then birds could be the perfect option. Many birds are fun and vibrant. You’ll enjoy their beautiful feathers and enjoy being entertained for hours. If you think a bird is in your future, check out the best birds for pets.

  1. Canaries. A canary is one of the most popular bird choices. They are known for their exceptional vocal skills and stunning colors. Most canaries are green or yellow, but you can also find orange and even brown birds. Canary birds, if they are male, are singers. If your canary doesn’t sing, it’s a girl.
  2. Finches. A finch is another popular bird. Finches tend to be a little more of a hands off type of bird, so don’t handle them a lot to keep them happy. Finches move quickly and are very fun to watch. They are often cattering and do great in a social setting. If you really want your finch to thrive, get two or more birds and put them in the same cage.
  3. Parakeets. The parakeet is fairly inexpensive, so many people choose this pet because of the great price. You’ll find most parakeets are green or blue, but you may find other colors at the pet store as well. Parakeets are very gentle and will bond with humans rather quickly.
  4. Cockatiels. If you want a parrot, but aren’t ready for that kind of commitment, then try a cockatiel. These birds are often known as “small parrots.” They are very loving and love to be petted. Cockatiels can learn to talk, but their real talent lies in whistling.

If you’re ready to add a bird to the family, consider these choices here. It won’t be long until you have a lovely new companion in your home.

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Choosing the Right Dog Food
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When it comes to dog food, one thing is certain: all foods are not created equal! You need to make sure your dog is getting the best food for the breed and age, as well as proper health and nutrition. You certainly can’t just head to the pet store and pick up just any brand of food off the shelf. When it’s time to buy dog food, keep the following in mind.

  1. Know about nutrition. Most categories for dog food will include: natural commercial diets, veterinary diets, premium dog food, generic food, and raw diets. Know the facts about all of these different nutrition options before you make your choice.
  2. Decide if you are going with wet or dry food. Make a decision based on the needs of your dog and then start doing some research on the best food companies.
  3. Read the labels. Just like you would when shopping for your own food, you need to read the labels. The label will give you information about the contents in the bag. You’ll want to look for companies that are exceeding the AAFCO guidelines – that’s the American Feed Control Officials. Look for high-quality ingredients that are a human grade. You’ll want to steer clear of any foods that have chemical preservatives, and fillers like corn, soy, or wheat.
  4. Get recommendations. Perhaps one of the best ways to buy the right dog food is to ask others. Ask pet owners in your neighborhood what kinds of brands they prefer. You can tell by looking at a dog if the food is good for them or not, so go ahead and ask around for recommendations.

Getting your dog the proper nutrition is vital. Do some research, get recommendations, and then start taking good care of your dog.


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